Thank you for your interest in joining the Canopy. This application process is designed to ensure that members meet our requirement for impact driven business, and will contribute to the wider Canopy community.

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The Canopy aims to support impact-driven enterprises to accelerate solutions towards the sustainable development impact areas, as set out in CISL’s Rewiring the Economy framework

i) Maintaining ecologically sound landscapes and seas for nature and people  

ii) Enhanced health, education, justice and equality of opportunity for all  

iii) Preserving stocks of natural resources through efficient and circular use  

iv) Food, water, energy, shelter, sanitation, communications, transport, credit and health for all  

v) Limiting greenhouse gas levels to stabilise global temperature rise well below 2ºC  

vi) Securing socially inclusive jobs and working conditions for all.  

Describe the impact potential of your venture on addressing the above sustainability impact areas.
Describe your sustainability performance, (eg any accreditations, targets, policies or, reporting).
About your Canopy membership
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How we use your personal and commercial data

The University of Cambridge will store your personal information in order to liaise with you as a consequence of your interest in our work, and (with your consent) keep you up to date with University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) news and let you know of future programmes and events.

Commercial information provided via this application form will be kept on record for the duration of the application process, and for successful applicants will be held on record for the duration of your membership at the Canopy. All commercial data will be deleted xx months after the termination of your membership at the Canopy.

We do not share your personal or commercial information with any third parties outside the University of Cambridge, other than those who are responsible for delivering all or part of a group, initiative, or event, except with your explicit permission. At times, personal data may be sent, including internationally, via email and other platforms for the purposes of efficiency.

For further information on the use of your personal data, see

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